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A portable (or mobile) fire extinguisher is an effective frst line of defense in controlling small fires within your home or business.

Fire extinguishers can be an effective tool, but only when you select the correct type for your needs.

For maximum effectiveness, choosing the right extinguisher for your situation is very important.
In fact, determining what kind of fire is burning is the initial step in fguring out which fire extinguisher to use.
Many people assume that a fire extinguisher will put out any type of fre and this is not the case.

Specific types of fires require a specifc type of fire extinguisher. Some fire extinguishers will leave a mess behind and damage sensitive equipment, while other fire extinguishers will leave hardly a trace and not damage sensitive equipment such as computers.

ABC Dry Powder is multi-purpose for all A, B, C and Electrical fire risks. EMACO ABC dry powder extinguishers are flled with high
performance ABC powder and ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications.
⇒ Approved to BS EN3 and LPCB
⇒ Factory flled with high versatile ABC dry powder for great fre knock down
⇒ High UV resistant polyester coating for extra protection from extremely harsh elements
⇒ Easy squeeze-grip operation and all metal handles

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